Monday, August 06, 2012

Installing BeautifulSoup For Python 3 on Windows

Installing BeautifulSoup For Python 3
Environment: MS Windows 7

Did you encounter problem during install BeautifulSoup? For me (newbie) , YES
I tried the following command, but not work
>python install

Finally, I have find my way out. It's pretty simple acutally.

First of all, you must download BeautifulSoap version which able to support Python 3.

You can find the latest version here:

How to Install?
You can easily install BS with easy_install

For the installation of easy_install (If you can't find it in C:\Python\Scripts\ )

Please see the picture below:


  1. Thank you, sy. You provided an elegant solution which worked well also in my case.

  2. Thanks! Now I can proceed!